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Writer's Workbench Trial Request Form

This Evaluation Program Agreement is a legal agreement between you and EMO for the software product identified as Writer’s Workbench, which includes the computer software and may include printed materials, associated media and “online” documentation.  By installing, copying, or otherwise using the Software Product, you agree to be bound by the terms of this Evaluation Program Agreement.
1. GRANT OF LICENSE: This agreement grants you the following rights:
Evaluation Program License – This license covers use of the product on that number of computers specified by “Number of Writer’s Workbench Trial Computers” below.
The initial term of this agreement shall be until that date specified by the “License Expiration Date” designated below.  This initial agreement provides installation & maintenance support calls up to and including the “License Expiration Date.”  EMO reserves the right to modify the terms of this License for any period.  After the “License Expiration Date,” the institution agrees to remove the software from all computers and return the media, if any, back to EMO.
Licensee agrees not to forward, transfer, sell, rent or otherwise knowingly distribute or provide access the contents of Writer’s Workbench or any portions thereof, to any third party that is not an Authorized User as described herein.  Licensee agrees not to modify or alter the software product.
This agreement is the entire statement of license terms for EMO, and may not be modified without the express written consent of both parties.
Please send an e-mail message to wwb@emo.com indicating that you agree to the terms of the agreement and
Your full name
Your school or institution (if any)
Your address, city, state, and zipcode
Your telephone number
Your e-mail address
Your title (if appropriate)
The student levels that you work with (if appropriate)
Your website (if appropriate)
How many computers where you would like to install WWB
Any comments / resquests that you might have...

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